As a Guitar Beginner’s it’s difficult for you to remember all guitar strings name. So, today I will so you how to remember it in easiest way.
  • There are total 6 string from thickest to thinnest named as E to e.
  • Some time the Thinnest and thickest strings are both named as E. Same name but sound different.
  • The rest of the Strings name are mentioned in following figure.

These 6 strings groups of three each i.e. 2 groups
  • The bottom three strings(eBG) with higher frequencies. It is known as treble strings.
  • The top three strings(EAD) with lower frequencies. It is known as bass strings.
To remember this string names just prepare any silly sentence which contain following characters (EADGBA).
Here, I have listed few sentences for remembering strings names. If you are using any other, than leave it as a comment at the bottom of the post to help others. My personal favorite is first one.
  1. Eat A Dinner Go Bed early
  2. Eat All Day Get Big easy
  3. Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big ears
  4. Earn A Degree Get Better employment
  5. Every Beautiful Girl Deserve An Eye (Reverse Strings Names)
 Just remember the strings name as – EADGBE
But in songs written on this website, You have to read is reverse that means eBGDAE
e|—– (the thinnest)
E|—– (the thickest)
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